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8PIN K8A Ceramic Tube Socket for EL34,KT66,6550,6V6,6L6,5881,KT88,5AR4,6SN7,6SL7: GZC8-1-B
Item ID #GZC8-1-B
Surface Treat: |Nickle Plated|
List Price: $0.65
Price: $0.65
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8PIN K8A Tube Sockets

Item No.: GZC8-1-B

Material: Ceramic

Bottom Chassis Mount

Mounting Screw Hole Distance: 38.50

Panel Cut out: 26.50

Attach to: KT88,EL34,6V6,6L6,5881,6SN7,6SL7,274B,6550,KT66,KT77 etc.