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PSVANE WE211 Tube, Western Electric Replica, One Matched Pair in a gift box, Factory test&match
Item ID #WE211
List Price: $600.00
Price: $580.00
Qty.Range(unit) Price(per unit) Discount
1 $580.00 $0.00
5 $510.00 $70.00
10 $470.00 $110.00
Quantity: Unit(s)

PSVANE TUBE WE211, Western Electric Replica

Item No.: WE211, Premium Grade, Factory test&match

The Price is for 1MATCHED PAIR, in a gift box

Uf: 10V

If: 3.25A

Ua: 1250V

-Ug: 70V

Ia: 100mA

Gm: 3.8mA/V

RL: 7Kohm

Pout: 10W